In today’s world with everything going on around us, it’s easy to lose ourselves and forget how to use our voices. It has become easy to lose our POWER. How? I’m glad you asked.

  • We lose our power by watching what others are doing and try to keep up with them in our personal and professional lives.
  • ┬áNot knowing our true value and how we can help others
  • Allowing others to degrade our self-worth, which negatively affects our self-esteem
  • Lusting after what someone else has and wanting to obtain it at any cost.

By staying in the past and allowing whatever happened to hold us hostage and prevent us from moving forward We lose our voices because of something that was said to us in one environment or another. Our voices are necessary. Our voices are powerful. Our voices and stories will help someone else. Use Your Voice! Snatch back your POWER! If you have already given your power away, I demand you to take it back. Why? Because YOU ARE WORTHY!!
Sing it with me “I’ve got the POWER!”


#IntentionalInfluence, #Love2Life

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