Embracing the Essence to Love Yourself to Life

The basis of Love Yourself to Life indicates that we are going to do everything possible to live a fulfilled life without fear, blame, comparing, judging, or allowing others to minimize our God-given Promises.

Love Yourself to Life embraces:

  • Spending quality time with God
  • Knowing who you are and not allowing others to minimize you
  • Finding something every day to motivate you and guide you towards your purpose–not just any purpose (I’m talking about your very own God-given purpose. We’ll talk about purpose again in another chapter.)
  • Identifying the greatness inside of you
  • Being aware of your surroundings/environment
  • Not comparing yourself to others
  • Not minimizing who you are because of someone else’s insecurities
  • Realizing that your past cannot be changed and not allowing the past to interfere with your present and future
  • Knowing that you are worthy of God’s perfect love
  • Identifying true love and knowing that it does not involve physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, or financial abuse
  • Knowing, Accepting, and Valuing your self-worth

When you Love Yourself to Life, you have true confidence in who you are and how you should live in this world. You won’t be conformed to the patterns of the world or to what society says you should or should not be. You won’t give so much attention to what’s happening with others around you. You won’t minimize your hopes and dreams to make others feel comfortable.

Excerpt from “Love Yourself to Life” Author: Dr. Monica Debro




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