2018 Scholarship Recipient, Nykesha Miller


In the Fall of 2018, I plan to attend the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. My educational aspirations consist of acquiring a bachelor’s degree in Middle School Education that would assist me in becoming a teacher. I would like to teach 4th-8th grade because I believe that those years of education are very crucial for learning and developing skills. During those years of my life, I became serious about my education and understood the value of education.

My dream is to be a math teacher; it’s one of my favorite subjects. I not only want to be a teacher I want to be a “good” teacher.  I want to make a difference in the life of every child I came in contact with.  In order for me to do that I have created a list of goals to help me stay focused throughout my entire teaching career. At some point, I may move outside of the classroom into a position that will allow me to serve as a math coach or a specialist for a school. I know being a teacher comes with many challenges, but it is also a profession that brings great satisfaction.

I will turn my academic strategies into action to achieve my desired goal. Two things I know I need to work on are time management and procrastination. I plan to make a schedule that would include how much time I will spend studying every day; the location best for me to study, and who I will study with. A planner will help me to keep up with assignments and important dates to help me remain organized. To understand topics, I am going to take advantage of the free learning resource such as tutoring. College is not just doing work, I am a CLC Scholar and it allows me to be involved in activities and give me a more well-rounded education, and makes the whole experience more enjoyable. Meeting new peers will help give me additional academic and social support. UA Little Rock has many resources on campus and as long as I keep myself motivated I know I can succeed.


Central High School, Love2Life, Scholarship

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