2017 Scholarship Recipient, Daschelle C. Weaver


Thank Dr. Monica Debro and the Love Yourself to Life Scholarship Committee for selecting me as the recipient of the 2017 scholarship. Words cannot adequately express how happy I am to have been chosen and with the help of the Lord and this scholarship my first personal declaration of graduating from the ADN program at Phoenix College on December 13, 2017, will manifest.

This scholarship has alleviated a great portion of my tuition which allows me to focus all of my energy and efforts on where it is needed most, learning. And although my short-term goal is just about satiated, I am already looking forward to accomplishing my ultimate goal of becoming a Master’s Prepared Nurse Practitioner.

It is my sincere desire to be able to give back to my community and pay it forward by helping someone else who may have a financial need while educating themselves. Because of this scholarship, I am one step closer to that as well.

Thank you again for making this scholarship available for people like me that want to matriculate but may not have all the means to be able to do so.


Daschelle C. Weaver


Love, Nursing, Scholarship, Success

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