Broken Believer No More

Broken Believer No More is a book that will give you strength and encouragement to deal with all expectations in life. The death of a loved one, divorce, finding your place in life, and most importantly understanding that God is a forgiving God and He will forgive you for all of your sins. The book helps women see they can make the wrong choices, but with God, they will end up in the right place. This book is a life changer. ~Rita Miller

Broken Believer No More takes a raw and in-depth look at the pain many women face over their lives, either at the hand of others or through poor choices. Monica’s willingness to share her moving story is both a testament to God’s goodness and an encouragement to women who are feeling sad, lost, broken, and defeated. Every woman should read this moving tale of healing, triumph, and redemption. Broken Believer No More will show you how to move past the hurt and disappointment so that you can live a life of joy and victory.
~Dr. Nadia Brown, author of Leading Like a Lady: How to Shatter Your Inner Glass Ceiling

If you are looking for a story of faith and the power of redemption, Broken Believer No More provides just that. It is an emotional story of a woman’s determination to walk in the liberty and freedom that is only found in Christ. Monica walks you through personal moments that defined who she has become. She provides steps and resources for those who may be struggling with the same thoughts and emotions.
~Yubeka Riddick


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