April 11

Grace To Recover


Grace to Recover is an anthology of writings from 11 phenomenal women who share their stories of recovering from hurt, addiction, and trials. Gone are the days of hiding behind the pain and shame. The writers provide transparent and heartfelt messages of their healing from addiction, divorce, domestic violence, sickness, mental illness, single parenthood, and teenage pregnancy.

Dr. Monica Debro shares on the topic: The Elephant in the Room–The Topic That’s Often Avoided, But Absolutely Necessary to Discuss. She shares her intimate journey of survival from suicidal thoughts and the mental recovery from a suicidal attempt. The truth of the matter is many people are suffering from suicidal thoughts and hiding those feelings due to shame. Dr. Debro encourages readers not to give up and provides specific and realistic action steps to help readers get unstuck from berating negative thoughts to thoughts of loving themselves the way Christ loves them and seeing themselves the same way Christ sees them.

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