February 7

Broken Believer No More


Broken Believer: No More is an inspiring message that will remind you of God’s unfailing love, the importance of forgiving others and yourself, and the power God has to help us overcome. It will take you on a journey of how I emerged from the depths of brokenness and darkness into allowing God to be the Potter who mended my broken heart and delivered me from a path of self-destruction and self-denial of living completely for Him.

Topics covered in the book:


At one point I was so brokenhearted that I couldn’t see any possibility of having self-worth. I was broken and in complete darkness. My journey to healing began through rediscovering who I am in Christ, trusting in Him, praying, studying His Word and writing.


The absolute wrong method to choose when we have a broken heart or as a method of getting even with someone who has hurt us is through self-destruction. It was not leading me to the place of healing and comfort that I would only receive after I ran back to the Father, confessed and asked him to make me whole again.


I had to learn to be transparent to begin the transition from the depths of darkness to the Light of God. I began to understand the importance of being open and honest with myself about the dirty sins I had committed.


Redemption means to be saved from sin. I have been redeemed from the sins of my past. I am free to love God, myself, and others. As God redeems us, we become more open to forgiveness and love.


I found it easy to forgive others who hurt me, but struggled with forgiving myself. I learned that there is power in forgiving myself and a sin not to do so. God instructs us to forgive others as well as ourselves.


Broken Believer: No More will take you on a journey of how I learned to forgive myself and receive true healing. Everything that I’ve shared has helped to make me into a stronger woman.

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