Believe in Your Dreams TV

It's launch day for the Believe in Your Dreams TV Network! #LetsGo Join us on Monday, January 17, 2022 at 7pm EST (US and Canada) for the epic launch party of the year. How do you attend? I'm glad you asked. Register in advance using the link below: From 01/17/22 - 01/20/22, you will […]

Always Wear Your Tiara

Dear Queens, In a world that often seeks to dictate our choices and priorities, it's essential to remember to always wear your crown and embrace the things that make you truly happy. Each of you possesses a unique crown of inner strength, confidence, and self-worth. It's your birthright, and no one can take it away. […]

Always Wear Your Tiara MeetUp Session at the National Black Nurses Association Conference 2023

Hilton Atlanta

Embracing one's true self and leaving the past behind is a transformative journey that every woman deserves to embark upon. Our identities are a rich tapestry of experiences, dreams, and resilience, and it's crucial to celebrate and honor this unique essence. Leaving the past behind doesn't mean forgetting it; rather, it means learning from it. […]

Unsilenced Voices Summit

What if you could listen to stories that would inspire others and catalyze positive change? What if you could join a community that is built from understanding, empathy, and shared experiences? What if you can break down the barriers of shame and stigma that often surround trauma and abuse — fostering an environment of healing and empowerment? This summer, we invite you to join the Breaking The Silence Summer […]